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How I Made My First Game in Two Days

Supreme Mech Explosion - a Galaxian port to the browser

In this first ever guest post, Arijus (argshook) talks about how he developed his first game in only two days. He’ll talk about his experience as well as his development workflow, and even share some tips and insights to help you do the same.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Taking your HTML5 Game Offline

HTML5 offline storage logo

When you ask how to make your HTML5 game playable offline, you’ll often get a lot of varying opinions about how that can be accomplished and what the right technique is to use. But for the most part we can agree that there are one or two techniques that will work across all browsers. The point of this article is to explore all the possibilities for making a game playable offline, noting which methods will work for the majority of browsers as well as examining the strengths and weaknesses of each technique.

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Responsive HTML5 Canvas Game

A game rendered using a responsive design approach

An experimental design to a responsive HTML5 canvas game using techniques to scale the canvas element to the viewport and serve the correct image sizes.

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