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GameJam 2012 Update

I didn’t have the whole week to work on the game as I had to fly down to Texas for a couple of days, but I was able to come up with the exact details to the weapons the game will use. And since I didn’t post last week, I’ll make this post cover what I’ve done in the past two weeks (with this week again not giving me the time I wish I had).

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GitHub Game Jam 2012

GitHub Game Jam 2012 image of GitHub mascot in Mega man outfit

Image used from GitHub Game Off

GitHub is hosting a game jam for the month of November, and I decided I would participate. So fo the next few weeks I will post an article on my progress so that you can follow along with my endeavor.

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Finding the Control Points of a Bezier Curve

How a Bezier Curve is calculated taken from

I had an interesting problem while working on a web application using the Canvas to draw Bezier Curves. I had to find the two control points required to draw the curve when I only knew the start point, end point, and one other point on the curve. I couldn’t find anything on the internet so I thought I’d write an article on my findings.

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