Student Game Competition

Starting March 5th, started a student HTML5 game competition. Students from both high school and college are competing world wide to design, develop, and release an HTML5 video game in only one month. The competition lasts until April 5th.

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Making Your First Game: A Walkthrough for Game Developers

TI 83+ Calculator

I just finished a great article for Gamedevtuts+ that helps those looking to develop their first video game but don’t know where to start. The article describes the process of game development using a “video game walkthrough” approach, using a level system for each stage of development, with each level having encounters and boss fights.

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GameJam 2012 Update

I didn’t have the whole week to work on the game as I had to fly down to Texas for a couple of days, but I was able to come up with the exact details to the weapons the game will use. And since I didn’t post last week, I’ll make this post cover what I’ve done in the past two weeks (with this week again not giving me the time I wish I had).

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