Student Game Competition

Starting March 5th, started a student HTML5 game competition. Students from both high school and college are competing world wide to design, develop, and release an HTML5 video game in only one month. The competition lasts until April 5th.

I have decided to participate in the Game Competition. You can follow my progress here on my blog. I have a design document up on Google drive that you can look at and comment on.

The game I am working on is similar to the Heroes of Might and Magic combat system. Instead of fantasy I want to do a sci-fi game. I’ve had the idea for awhile now, so decided that it would probably make a good game for this competition.

At this moment in time, I am currently working on balancing my game and have an artist working on making the art for it. Hopefully by the end of these next two weeks I’ll have the game balanced and tweaked enough to start coding it up for the last two weeks of the competition. I’ll be using the ImpactJS Game Engine that the competition was kind enough to allow student licenses for.

I’m super excited to be able to participate in this competition and that my semester is going well enough that I can put in the time needed to make the game. Thanks for keeping up on me, wish me luck!