Making Your First Game: A Walkthrough for Game Developers

TI 83+ Calculator

I just finished a great article for Gamedevtuts+┬áthat helps those looking to develop their first video game but don’t know where to start. The article describes the process of game development using a “video game walkthrough” approach, using a level system for each stage of development, with each level having encounters and boss fights.

The First Game Walkthrough helps you to understand what is involved in making your first game and what you can expect as you develop it. The main focus of the walkthrough is to prepare you for your first game and help you finish it by minimizing the problems you will have.

This article was fun to write because I was able to relate my experiences through game development, as well as incorporate all the nuggets of information I have collected over the years, such as quotes from game professionals and links to other great articles. I hope you find the article useful and helpful as you begin your journey in video game development.

Preview image: TI-83 by Brothers Le