HTML5 Gamer is the personal game development blog of Steven Lambert. It’s primary focus is on helping others lean how to develop HTML5 games through examples, but it also goes into detail about JavaScript best practices and techniques to help with making great games.

On this site you’ll find step by step tutorials on making your own HTML5 games, articles on JavaScript techniques, tips on how to make your HTML5 games perform better, and in-depth explanations to game development patterns and algorithms.

There’s also a section of the site where I post the games that I have made, either for competitions, game jams, or just for fun. Each game focuses on a different genre or mechanic. All the source code is available for each game, so feel free to take a look at it and use whatever you would like in your own games.

Everything on this site is free to use for any of your own games (personal or commercial). Credit is optional but always nice as it helps others wanting to learn find good content (just like you did).

I am a web developer by profession and a game developer by hobby. That hobby has lead me to create this site and become a freelance game developer.

I first started programming in High School when a friend showed me that you could program math equations on a TI-83+ calculator. Since then, I have always been programming in one language or another. Along the way I taught myself web development and knew that I wanted to be a web developer.

I also began playing around with making games as a way to combine my two favorite past times: playing games and programming. My first game was programmed on the TI-83+ calculator and then later ported to Java. I also tried programing a game in XNA, but never finished it because I didn’t quite like C#.

However, when the possibility of making games using HTML5 was introduced, I knew I could merge my love of web development with my hobby of games. I began making a small game, using it springboard my understanding of JavaScript and games, and also created this blog to help others learn how to make their own HTML5 games.